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Check Out Our Tampico Sponsors


It’s a great time of year to stop in at two of the businesses that advertise on Aroundptown.com.

Mitchell Melons is just hitting the prime part of their melon season. They have cantaloupe, sensations, and watermelons ready to be enjoyed. Stop by their farm at 5549 Luther Road northeast of Tampico and keep track of their happenings on the Mitchell Melons Facebook Page.

Country Lane Market is also brimming with summer goodies, including hand dipped Sisler’s ice Cream. They are currently taking orders for apples and peaches from Michigan. They also have a huge assortment of bulk foods, spices, baking supplies and feature Walnut Creek meats and cheeses.

Stop by and say “Hi” to owners Abby and Arnold Kropf. County Lane Market is located just north of Tampico on Highway 172.


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