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♪O’er the Land of the Free♫ and the Home of the Brave♪ (video)

When the moment came to hoist “Old Glory” for the first time, the honor was given to Brearton, who is a Korean War Veteran and was a member of the Naval Reserve for 33 years.

Welcome Home Ron (video/photos)

About 200 of Ron Hanson's closest friends decided to give him a surprise welcome home parade last Saturday.

PFPD Training (video)

The men and women of the Prophetstown Fire Protection District answer the call when the people of Prophetstown, Lyndon and Hooppole dial...

EP Athletes Return

After an almost three month layoff due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, EP athletes have gotten clearance from the IHSA...

CGH Says “Thank You” ! (video)

CGH has produced a video that features dozens of employees that thanks them for their efforts during these past few months.

PLTMS Promotion (video)

The 8th graders received their certificates of promotion from Superintendent Chad Colmone with assistance from Stewart and Dean of Students Mark Lofgren.

Prophetstown High School Holds Graduation (video)

Prophetstown High School Seniors were given a drive-thru graduation ceremony last Friday and Saturday on the PLT 6-12 Campus.

Rural Break-Ins (photos/video)

Rural Prophetstown was the scene of multiple break-ins early Monday morning. Jarrett Wehunt, who resides near Lyons Rd....

Erie High School Honors Class Of 2020 (video/photos)

The graduates not only fulfilled their high school requirements but also earned 161 college credits.

Tampico Suffers Storm Damage (video)

Police Chief Will Lukehart said the storm left downed trees and limbs on almost every street in the village of 800.