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Vote Pennell

She's seeking reelection because she wants to make positive changes to help us navigate through these troubling times.

Linda Pennell For County Board

Please join me in supporting Linda Pennell for board member in the upcoming election on November 3, 2020.

Endorses VanKampen For Treasurer

I strongly encourage all voters to cast a vote for Penny VanKampen as Whiteside County Treasurer.

Elect Penny VanKampen

Her experience and knowledge make Penny the only choice to be your Whiteside County Treasurer.

Congratulations To Justice Kilbride

Under Chief Justice Kilbride’s leadership, the Illinois Supreme Court made a number of key changes to benefit the judiciary and assist Illinoisans in gaining access to the legal system.

Vote NO on Thomas Kilbride.

We need judges on the Supreme Court who will choose what is right for the people, not what is right for corrupt politicians.

Whiteside County Republican Central Committee Recommends Voting NO on Kilbride

The Whiteside County Republican Party recommends removing Kilbride from the bench because of his close ties to corrupt House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Letter To The Editor- “Slow Down”

Maybe it is time to have a city-wide conversation, since there may be other blocks that have a higher incidence of speeding.

BLM Protests And Riots

Commentary Submitted by Terry Gaskill I believe we have a problem with BLM as the protests are turning into...

Get Back To Work

The debts of our state and federal government are increasing by the governments paying out more and taking in less.