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Erie High School Honors Class Of 2020 (video/photos)

The graduates not only fulfilled their high school requirements but also earned 161 college credits.

Riverside Cemetery Preps For Holiday Weekend (photos)

In all just over 300 planters were filled with approximately 1,600 plants.

School Collection Marks End Of Year (photos)

All three district campuses reported a steady stream of parents and students over two days completing their final duties of the school year.

Spring Showing Up (photos)

Prophetstown residents took full advantage of the bulk waste drop off program during the week filling 4 large dumpsters several times.

A Salute To Law Enforcement (photos)

Take a moment this week to thank those who patrol our towns, county and state.

Gotta Have My Thicksten’s Popcorn! (photos)

There are things that people have learned to do without during the COVID-19 outbreak. No dining out, no spring sports, no handshakes...

♪ Mask Maker, Mask Maker, Make Me A Mask ♪ (photos)

“The thing was, I knew I was going to really clean the house during the shutdown. I got one room done and the phone started ringing.” She took 250 orders in one day.

Good Friday Cross Displayed (photos)

The cross was adorned with a sign noting Pslam 62:8 and was visited by several passersby.

160 Thank Yous Delivered (Photos)

The idea was to gift the staff, but also give a boost to the local economy during the Covid-19 crisis.

PLT #3; Time To Clean, Staff Updated (photos)

Students were asked to take all school materials including books, supplies, and Chromebooks home in case the closure is extended past March 30th.