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CEO Holds Trade Show Despite “Life on Hold” (photos)

Each spring the program culminates with the CEO annual trade show in which the students create a business and sell their services or wares to the public.

Outdoor Smiles (photos)

The is NOT a contest, just a chance to show off the beauty of the summer.

Youth Golf; “He teaches Me Stuff” (photos)

The two hour session begins with a quick lesson on one aspect of the game followed by a round of golf.

A New Tree On Its Way (photos)

Sue Skelton, a Love Light Committee member said the tree had become too large to manage and decorate and so the committee decided it was time for a change.

Lyndon House Fire Causes Major Damage (photos)

The retired couple, married for almost 53 years said they have no insurance.

Bank Beautifies Expansion (photos)

The newly opened drive-up facility has been surrounded by new shrubs, grasses, hostas and new sidewalk.

One Final Dish (photos)

"It was so busy...I was overwhelmed," said Cheri of the number of customers that walked through the doors in the final days.

Welcome Home Ron (video/photos)

About 200 of Ron Hanson's closest friends decided to give him a surprise welcome home parade last Saturday.

“Let’s Put It (Graduation) In The Back Yard” (photos)

“I told my mom if we can’t have a graduation at school, let’s put it the back yard. She thought I was nuts,” said the senior.

Morrison Community Hospital Resumes Surgeries

If you have been putting off an appointment to have that body ache or pain checked out, now is the time to come in for a consultation