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Additional COVID-19 Resurgence Mitigations to Take Effect in Region 1 on October 25

"We've said all along that if things don't start to turn around after two weeks in Tier 1, we can add more stringent measures to help usher in the progress we need to see to get things more open again," said Governor JB Pritzker.

Forty-One Cases On Thursday

Illinois announced 4,942 new cases and 44 additional deaths.

Tampico Amends Water Ordinance

The Tampico Board of Commissioners met on October 20 and approved an ordinance amendment to tackle the problem of overdue water bills.

Fatal Accident Near Deer Grove

Gonigam was pronounced dead on scene and Thompson was transported to CGH Medical Center for serious injuries. Thompson was later transferred to St. Anthony's Hospital.

50 New Cases And Three Deaths Reported

The state of Illinois announced 4,342 new cases and 69 additional deaths.

The 411 On The 911 Public Safety Tax

If the tax is voted down Kovarik says a few of the options include charging a dispatch fee to each municipal police, fire, and ambulance service, which will greatly increase the costs for those entities.

Tuesday’s COVID Report

Illinois announced 3,714 new cases and 41 additional deaths.

Hooppole To Receive New Brush Truck

The chassis, a 2021 Dodge, was purchased from Crowe Auto Group for $31,000.

Whiteside County Cases Up 60% Over Previous Week

Illinois announced 3,113 new cases and 22 additional deaths.

Illinois announced 4,245 new cases and 22 additional deaths.