Bucky Celebrating 90 Years

An Open House will be held at the Hooppole Community Center.
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Submitted by Andrea Niccoli

SAVE THE DATE of Saturday, January 28th! Come join family and friends celebrate Dad (Bucky Oleson) turning 90! The celebration starts at 1PM at the Hooppole City Office/Community Center, on Rt. 78 and continues throughout the day.

Come visit, tell stories, hear stories…just wish the old fart a Happy Birthday! He loves to visit and socialize as you all well know. There will be plenty of other people to visit with when the old fart is repeating his many stories that you’ve likely already heard.

No presents necessary, he’s old enough that he tells us he’s got everything he needs anyway. We know he would love to see everyone that has helped make his life an enjoyable one.

Some snacks and refreshments will be at the event.

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