Board of Control Adds Coaching Position

A coach for female wrestlers and the '22-'23 budget were discussed.
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The EP Co-op Board of Control met for their bi-monthly meeting on June 2 at the PLT#3 District Office.

Discussion was held about possibly hiring an additional assistant high school wrestling coach, whom would be designated to coach and accompany female wrestlers to girl only meets. Athletic Director Derick Cox said head coach Todd McCullough’s intention is to hire a female coach to fill the role Last year the team had eight female wrestlers with the possibility of having a larger number next season. The board agreed to create the position.

Football Practice Facilities Update

Cox outlined his plan to the board to update the football practice facilities in Prophetstown for the upcoming season. A baseball field located to the west of the district office will be converted to a football field. A portable storage facility will be brought in for the first year and locker room adjustments have been made to accommodate the team’s needs. Cox added that head coach, Jesse Abbott was very pleased with the changes and is looking forward to practicing in Prophetstown this season. All home football games will be played at Mosher Field this fall as part of the new yearly rotation.

2022-2023 Budget

Athletic Directors, Brian Howell and Cox presented the proposed athletic budget for the next school year. Howell said when final costs from spring sports come in last year’s budget should break even. A few unexpected costs were state competitions for girl’s wrestling and an increase in officials’ fees during the year.

The budget for the ’22-’23 year will increase by approximately $7,000 to $105,500. It will be sent to each district’s school board for approval.

The next board of control meeting will be on Wednesday, August 10th at 5:30 in the Erie High School Media Center.

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