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An Easter Message; Fr. Toni Kretowicz


Submitted by Fr. Toni Kretowicz, Pastor St. Catherine & St. Ambrose

2020 Shelter In Place Easter!

This year’s Easter Sunday celebrations, the holiest day in the Christian calendar, will look very different as churches close their doors to combat Covid-19 Pandemic.

It is hard to find hope in the present situation, but as Christians, we know that the risen Lord is our hope. We may cancel Easter services, but the promises of Easter cannot be canceled.

His suffering, death and resurrection give us hope that we will recover, that life will give better and that our world will know and feel the peace and love of the risen Christ.

We also have hope in the ingenuity and generosity of humanity. Though many uncertainties lie ahead, our hope and our resolve to recover our lives we once lived is strong.

We are especially thankful and grateful to all those who work in healthcare and all those who supply the essential services we rely on.

Though Covid-19 has caused so much chaos, it has not changed our call to be Easter people. It creates a new opportunity for us to live our lives in unity and peace and to share the gospel of God’s love with the world.

We cannot physically see Jesus rising from the dead, but we can see the power of the resurrection in the lives of the apostles.

As we unite as the mystical body of Christ and one human family, may we live and proclaim the hope and the message of Easter: Do Not Be Afraid!



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