A Perfect Day For A Derby (photos)

8 year-old Aubree Klein was not too excited about posing with her catch at the Prophetstown Police Department's fishing derby last Saturday.
16 fish were landed during the three hour fishing derby.
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The 16th annual Prophetstown Police Department’s Dick Brown Fishing Derby was held last Saturday in the Prophetstown State Park with eight-four young anglers trying their luck along with parents and grandparents. This year marked the 48th year of the event, which was renamed the Dick Brown Fishing Derby in 2006.

Eight year-old Kenzlee Abell from Prophetstown, when asked if she had caught anything said, ” Yep, I caught a dragonfly.” She added that she doesn’t like to fish a lot but does enjoy attending fishing derbies and has learned a lot about the sport from her brother, Dad, and Grandpa.

Former Whiteside County Sheriff and Prophetstown Police Chief Larry VanDyke stopped by the event and gave a bit of background on how the derby came to be. “My officers and I attended a two-week training class in Mt. Carroll and one of the topics discussed was how to create better relationships between law enforcement and community members. Someone suggested a fishing derby and we knew we had the perfect location.” The first Prophetstown Fishing Derby was held in 1975 and soon after, the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office followed suite.

Anglers Landing a Fish:

0-6 Age Group

8 fish were caught: 1st-Kameron Burge, 2 Ib. 3 oz. Channel Catfish, 2nd-AnnabeIle Wirsing, 2 lb. Bass, 3rd- KoIten Moffitt 1 Ib. 15 oz. & 1 Ib. 12 oz. Channel Catfish, 4th-Karter Moffitt, 1 Ib. 11 oz. Channel Catfish, 5th- Dallas Starnes, 1 lb. 11 oz. Sucker Fish, 6th-Griffin Paxton 1 lb. 10 oz. Gar, 7th-Andrew Morgan, 3 oz. Channel Catfish.

7-10 Age Group

4 fish were caught: 1st-Aubree Klein, 2 lb. 11oz. Channel Catfish, 2nd-Hudson Ryan, 2 lb. 9 oz. Channel Catfish, 3rd-Mason Kellermann, 2 Ib. 8 oz. Walleye, and 4th- Rebecca Klein, 1 oz. Channel Catfish

11-14 age group

2 fish were caught: 1st-Riley Macklin, 11 oz. Gar, 2nd-Dane Ryan, 7 oz. Smallmouth Bass

Every child in attendance received a prize for either catching a fish or simply attending. Chief Bruce Franks thanked the many sponsors and volunteers who helped with this year’s event in a news release.

The Prophetstown Police Dept. would like to thank the many businesses and people who donated to our event: Kingdon Construction, Todd’s tire and Auto, City of Prophetstown, Gold Star FS, Birkey’s Farm Store, Prophetstown Casey’s, Prophet Strong, Cragel’s, Farmer’s Mutual Insurance, Farmers National Bank, Hometown Hardware, IMH Inc., Shaw’s Market, Prophet Gear, Prophetstown Veterinary Clinic, Prophet Mini-Mart, American Gear, Rock River Lumber and Grain, Royal Neighbors, Vern’s Farm Systems , Ron DeMay Family, Hanford Insurance,  Swanson Trucking, 1st Gateway Credit Union.

We also we want to thank everyone that donated to our fishing derby at the fundraising event held at Cragel’s and a huge thank you to Brian Strike also. A very special thank you goes out to all the volunteers who help keep the derby running smoothly; Lexie Lindskog, Jane Franks, and Tara Gibson. Special thank you goes out to Ron Swanson and the Prophetstown State Park staff. On behalf of the Prophetstown Police Department, we would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to all of you.

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