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4th Wrap


The 2019 edition of the Prophetstown Fireworks display and activities had a successful two days last week. Checking with the various organizations involved found that overall the events went very well.

Prophetstown Police Chief Bruce Franks said,”The police department had no issues on the fourth. I don’t know the number of people that attended the fireworks, but in my opinion there was not the crowd we typically have had over the years. My reasoning is based on traffic control. We only had to do it for 20 minutes and past years it has been 35 to 45 minutes.”

Dave Minssen, chairperson for the Firecracker 3 on 3 had these comments: “The event went off without a hitch this year.  I was very impressed with not only the quality of the teams but the sportsmanship as well.”

“Thank you to all of the business sponsors, teams and court monitors ! Big thanks to the PLT#3 schools and PPD for allowing us to use the new flex courts.  They were very popular.  We used a court for the High School Boys and the other court for the “Elite Men’s” Bracket.  It was a great way to “show off” the new facility.  (a lot of great compliments)” 

“With the river and park being unpredictable, the decision was made to have the 3 on 3 at the High School about 10 days ago.  I know that was an extra burden on the PFD and Boy Scouts to have two concession locations, and the 3 on 3 committee appreciated their agility.” 

“The tournament had 70 teams compete, which was a few more that last year, but down from previous years.”

“The Firecracker 3 on 3 is the major fundraiser for the Junior Class to handle expenses. (Mainly Prom and Yearbook) With the sponsorships and entries, the class made out well for all of their efforts. 

Prophetstown Fire Department Captain Trever Richmond talked about the day from the department’s perspective. “We don’t have final numbers just yet, but attendance seemed like it was about the same as last year as far as the numbers that came through the food tent. We did make a profit this year. We changed up our menu a little bit and had hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, nachos, and breakfast burritos. We chose not to go with the pork chops due to price.”

“As always we try to purchase as much as possible through local businesses; Shaws- all the meat, buns, and pop; Hometown Hardware- water. We went to Sam’s for wrappers, Gatorade, and nacho supplies.

“Last year we ended even up with all the costs associated with everything, on top of the food supplies the fire department also pays for the Porta Potties, the dumpster, ice, and the large cooler that we keep everything in at the park.”

“The Prophetstown Fire Department would like to thank everyone for joining us in celebrating Independence Day. Thanks to all the people that make this happen every year including those behind the scenes. Its events like this that make our town so great.” 

Prophetstown Mayor Steve Swanson; “I think it very well, crowd seemed about the same or a bit smaller, but a good crowd at that.  I think having the 3 on 3 at school dropped donations down a bit possibly.”

“The actual fireworks were the best ever in my opinion. I talked to quite a few people that said no mosquitoes or gnats, so that worked out very well. Thank you to the village of Erie for spraying.  And then to clean-up, the day after and you would never know anything had happened. Good job all around !!!!!!!!”


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